I have spent a lot of time  of what  I like about blogging?  I have gotten a chance to do so many things.

I started my blog when  there is an urge to share my opinions. Blogging have created something that makes you different. I can say with zeal  that it’s just one of those things, you didn’t get until you do it. It’s just an awesome experience to be. It is easy to start a blog as there is a space to sprinkle ideas and interact with readers.

A speech starts with better conversation and great ideas. The best thing  I like about  blogging is to have work experience with excellent writing skills. Numerous opportunity has given me to start my blog  or work as a blogger. Being a blogger is something indulge myself to express my own ideas.It brings creativity and planning and reminded me about how grateful I am to interact such amazing people.

You can learn new things, the possibilities are endless and amazing. That ‘s  the glimpse of how I started blogging.

I am taking my blog  to the next level with Blogchatter #DailyChatter




10 thoughts on “HOW I STARTED BLOGGING ?”

  1. Its always a pleasure to read ‘why we blog’posts. it gives such an insight into the person as a blogger , what drives them , how committed they are and its always a motivation to bloggers in reaffirming our love for blogging.
    whatever maybe your reason to write.. its only when we connect with other bloggers do we truly experience the magic.. am sure you’d enjoy the next one month being a part of this challenge and find more ideas and reasons to blog 🙂

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