Are you throwing a Party ? let’s have some Party Etiquttes-

We all love to party but people across the World have different eating habits. Hosting a party or attending it differs from country to country. In Europe and America, using hands to eat is not common. While in India, where eating with one’s hands is perfectly acceptable, a guest will not prefer using a fork or spoon for a traditional meal. There is a guest list for the party. The guests  are welcomed warmly. Take care of your guests. During the party, your presence should be graceful. There are friendly conversation with your guests. When there is a new guest arrival introduced yourself with full enthusiasm.We should be ready with our served plates. While attending the guests should feel our zeal. The guests of honour  indicates that you are leaving the party. The most important aspect is to enjoy the meal and party.Those who are attending the party thank them for their presence as they left over.

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