How to explore shimla ?



This Summer vacation, My Uncle and aunt with my cousins, sis,bro and myself planned a trip to Shimla. It was very  refreshing journey to Shimla. I enjoyed the weather in Shimla.


We planned a trip and stayed in Shimla for a week. I reached destination by a car. We stayed at a small cottage there. I reached in the evening. The buildings, mountains, trees and lake was awesome.  I reached church that having a peaceful atmosphere with blowing winds.The best part of the vacation is the Horse Ride at Kufri, a place 16 km from Shimla. By the help of uncle , cousins and bro managed and enjoyed the ride and Maggie there. Cherries and fruits are also sweet.


We also enjoyed  the Lakkar market with decorative wooden articles. I bought a Wooden box. The mall road was also awesome. We had shopping there. I enjoyed meal also. We are moved to the ridge after that, I enjoyed it greatly. We had a meal at sukhdev dhaba. The atmosphere and meal as refreshing.

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