Beauty regime week !- Day 1

What  make you to be beautiful?

Today, I start regime for days to sprinkle some methods for the best beauty.

Now, I am sharing some home remedies for glowing and marvelous skin .

Lime- Lime is vital in your daily diet. It is alkaline. It contains citric acid. Regular intake of lime is better for skin. Hydration is important for oily skin. You can remove skin problems using lime.


Tan skin

When sun exposure has left your skin tanned, you can make use of this pack.

1- Mix some gram flour (besan) and curd (dahi)

2- Add some lime juice to this paste.

3- Apply it on your skin and kept it dry.

4- Wash your face with water and pat dry.

5- Use weekly once for better results.


1- Daily apply a pack of lime juice with honey.


2- Honey has anti-bacterial properties  control the oil.

3- Apply it every week as part of your skincare regimen.

4- Massage some fresh lime juice on it to bleach skin and reduce         its appearance.

Glowing Skin –

You can have glowing skin by using –

1- A glass of lukewarm water with some honey and  lime juice.

2- Drink this in the morning to be healthy and get glowing skin.



1- Moisturizing is necessary in skin care and attention should be        on the selection of moisturizer.

2- Before moisturizing, make sure that you clean your face                   thoroughly with a mild cleanser.

3- Let your face slightly damp.

4- Apply the moisturizer gently and by using upward strokes.

5- Skin will begin to absorb the moisturizer into five to ten                  minutes.

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