Beauty regime week !- Day 2

Skin is the natural beauty.

To keep a glowing and radiant skin.

We have pulled together some great cleansers for

real and useful benefits.

Let’s  know !

Egg Yolk

1- Egg white helps in toning skin.

2- Apply the whole egg or yolk to cleanse.


1- Mixing yogurt and honey

2- Applying make skin cleansed.

Sugar & Honeyhoney

1- Sugar cleanses the skin and gives shine to face.

2- Add honey for cleansing and glowing skin.

3-Lemon juice will make the cleanser better.

Yogurt & Lemon


1- The combination of yogurt and lemon is perfect

        for skin.

 2- Add 3-4 drops of lemon and oil to retain the

       natural skin complexion.

Honey & Almonds


1- Add honey in almond paste.

2- Add an egg yolk for a super effective cleanser.

Cucumber & Mint


1- Add mint leaves (crushed) in cucumber pulp.

2- Add  yogurt.

3- Use once and  will get the difference.


1- Tomato is a great cleanser and toner.

2- Add milk and lemon juice.

3- Cleanse, tone, nourish and brighten skin.

 Oil Cleanser


1- Take any oil- almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

2- Cleanse face with it.

3- It will clean the dirt.

4- This is the best cleanser for normal and dry skin.


1- After washing face.

2- Sluice face with cold water.

3- To  get more glowing skin use more ingredients.

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