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What are the qualities of Caretaker?


Caretaker are responsible for the care.  Caretaker should be responsibile for dressing, the safety and emotional needs of the child.

Here  a glance of the qualities of good caretaker.


A caretaker should be with a  sense of empathy for  being cared for. A sense of personal understanding and connection is vital for  caring  a small child in daycare. Good caretaker being able to identify and can create a sense of calm and trust for those being cared for.


Patience plays an impotant role of caretaker. Caretaker should be separate from potential anger and resentment. Providing high-quality care services.

Realistic Outlook

Understanding the limitations of those  care for can help reduce tension in the environment. Good caretakers recognize capabilities and encourage self-sufficiency and providing necessary levels of care and attention. Having realistic expectations about what an individual you care is capable of can help you provide individualized and appropriate care.


Soothing Nature

People in care-taking situations must be prompted to eat, drink and cooperate to some degree in their own care. Being a voice of encouragement is a good quality for a caretaker and is the ability to calm and assure those being cared for.


Reliability is a vital trait in a caretaker. People receiving care  rely on and depend upon their caretakers and feel a sense of personal attachment. Caretakers must be on time, p if administering food is part of the position’s responsibility.


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Some says

Some says who you are,

Some says what you are,

Some says you are angry.

Some are jealous,

Some like me,

Some admire me.

Some like to called me friends,

Some admire my companionship,

Some like my fun and frolics.

Some like my creativity,

Some like my ideas,

Some like my knowledge.

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The glorious HC building event !

A view of decorated High court building ahead of 150th

The great event of  the Allahabad high court building for completing 100 years. Jucidiciary is an important pillar of democary. The event is an illuminated HC building. Supreme Court Judge honorable Justice Ranjan Gogoi has lighting the lamp to enlightens 100 years of high court building.


Chief Justice of Allahabad high court honorable Justice Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale welcomed the guests to presiding the programme. The high court has witnessed the freedom struggle. The lawyers and judges enlightened the glorious traditions of Allahabad High Court.


Honourable Justice RK Agarwal,Justice Ashok Bhushan, Judges of SC, Justice VK Shukla is a senior judge of high court,Advocate general Vijay Bahadur Singh, Additional solicitor general of India Ashok Mehta, President of High Court Bar Association Anil Tiwari and President of Advocates Association BP Singh were the Guest of honour. A large number of lawyers and officers of registry attended the event.


Honourable Justice Tarun Agarwal is a high court Judge and chairman of sesquicentennial committee was proposed Vote of thanks.


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Welcome to the Taj Fest 2016!


The annual Taj Baloon Fest celebrated on Friday at the Taj Mahal. There were muti-coloured balloons of varied shapes and sizes. The city residents had gathered and enjoyed the beautiful iconic architecture on the roof tops to wave balloons.


A highly experienced pilots and crew were participating around India and the World in the sixth day event. The morning flights and evening flights at the PAC ground. There are 12 countries participating in the fest. The Sky Waltz has conducting the flights.

There is awesome response to the festival. The lucky draws conducted for six days. The festival is being organized at a lage scale. There were a great aviation-based and adventure sports in Agra. A huge crowd gathered for an iconic view of Taj Mahal.


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Why gratitude is the best?


I am grateful to be express gratitude. I am thankful for comfort, parents, health, friends and relatives to almighty God.

What a better day!

I trap into joyfulnesses. The perfect morning day will begins. I read that the first food receives for wellness and caring.We usually says “O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever,” and “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart”.

The Quran is filled with the idea of gratitude. It  states that, “The first who will be summoned to paradise are those who have praised God in every circumstance”. The Pillar of Islam calling for daily prayer encourages believers to pray to God five times a day in order to thank him for his goodness.

Jonathan Edwards writes in his A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections that gratitude  towards God are the signs of true religion.


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Did you know about gold in skincare products to the Egyptian civilisation?


The use of gold in skincare products can be 5,000 years ago to the Egyptian civilisation. The beautiful Cleopatra was rumoured to wearing a gold face mask enhanced complexion every night.


Gold was used to keep the skin healthy and fresh in ancient China and Greece. This precious metal has become popular ingredient. The cosmetic benefits of gold as anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces lines and wrinkles. It makes skin firm and supple.

Gold is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial helps to remove toxins and impurities from skin. It gives a lovely golden glow.


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