The zest of floral flavours

Do you like to having some spring flowers on salad plate?


Edible flowers having their role as garnishes in several dishes. They are unique to the new cuisine. They can be used for aroma or unique flower’s flavour and freshness to any dish.

Hibiscus can be served with fruit salad to have freshly garden flavour. Nasturtium and marigold specific to a dish as a art. Chamomile has fragrance and used in tea

Flowers are best of floral flavours. Some are used to make a dish attractive. There is a confusion whether to eat the flowers or not presented with flower garnishes.

Chives are used to risen pleasures of their signature dishes. Flowers widens the culinary experience but their use is not new enough. Daylily buds are in oriental dishes. Roman people used mallows,roses and violets.

There is a huge demand of rose petal kheer as dessert. The taste of  rose in their dish is a discovery. Banana flower vada as a snack.  They increased flavour and texture to the dish.

Lavender or jasmine can change a taste to bitterness. Wrap unused flowers in tissue papers and refrigerate.



I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my first post for day 3


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