How to Create a unique garden ?



Flowers, rays of sunlight, chirping of  birds have a positive effect. The garden should be planned to be pretty. The varied flowers to grow, pebbles, furniture to keep, the lights and lanterns to hang. Designing greenery is a pleasant experience.


A garden makeover can be done with proper planning. A small garden have a small table.Plant a vertical wall garden, hang spray-painted cans on the wall. The table are used with plants in a bigger garden. A warm feelings to the veranda given by various paper lamps, lights or grow candles. Flowers can be grown by garden hanger layer. Grow plants in trays and small tables.


Garden materials can reshape greenery. Keep a iron furniture and mosaic lights. The garden should be natural but not extreme. The miniature garden with stone sculptures and terracotta.

The entrance of the garden are decorated with flowerered plants in a layer form. The styles of  tables and chairs determines garden. A garden can be  a little paradise in the home.


The garden has a varied glow with proper lightning at night. Graceful lanterns should be placed between plants and trees for a pleasant mind. The collection of  plants with attractive baskets are fabulous. Light plant-perfumed candles or keep plant perfumes in containers.


I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my first post for day 6


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