Is knowledge a power ?


We are listening that knowledge is power. Knowledge is a  potential power.

What is the difference between a person can’t read and a person but does not read?


Education takes many forms. It is not grades and degree. It is cultivating strength, learning self-discipline, listening and eagerness to learn. Our minds are stretch or shrink.

Knowledge is the awareness  gained from experience or study learning  about something.


Does this make  powerful?

The power is   the ability or capacity to  perform  effectively.

This proves that knowledge is very much a necessity.

Education is the success is that we hears throughout the life. It is  true that every person who is knowledgeable leads a successful life. Education plays an important role in promoting a nations economic growth.

Always   seek  knowledge!


I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my first post for day 7


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