What was it like to be you in 2016?

Do what you love doing?


Life has been very pleasant. I like to sparing time with writing, read books and stories. I like BlogHer for different weekly writing prompts and wrote in NaBloPoMo 2016.


Reading varied themes is very interesting.This develops my vocabulary and  widens  knowledge. While  reading  can be visiting another country or a different duration or share  new ideas. This helps to learned  historic places and important events.

Reading texts for work or for school and for fun. While  it’s a thrilling or fun stories, a  series of adventures, poems or a  novel are read in everyday living.


I like to read  that are written by myself. When I read   sound of the words can make a difference in how they make me feel.

Success is a journey. I have the ability to be calm and work in different situations.

So, it is necessary to be calm, always find what gives you joy and indulge in it at least once a day and do what you love doing.


I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my first post for day 15


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