Have a glance on Terracotta Wonders !

Have you ever listen about terracotta?


It is an unglazed pottery.


Let’s embarks on some aristic wonders.

Andretta Artist Colony was founded by Norah Richard in Himachal Pradesh. It provides pottery courses for students. It is known for art and craft galleries. The Andretta terecotta Museum displays works of potters. There is pottery from various countries such as Mexico and Holland. There is also paragliding and monasteries for Tibetan handicrafts.


Alwar is known for its double cutwork pottery as kagzi. There is an annual Shilpgram Crafts Festival in Udaipur.

Puducherry is the ideal to learn and practise pottery. The Golden Bridge Pottery centre run by Meeker and Deborah Smith. Aurovilleans learns new arts and clay with foreign movies, symposiums, conservation initiatives, languages classes and many more.

Morocco is for pottery breaks. Marrakech adorns by green-glazed ceramic tiles, artefacts and mosques throughout the country. Learn decorative techniques on pre-baked ceramic bowls.

Sylvia Kerkar’s institution run by Art Escape in Goa. There is a shift in the ceramic art from traditional glazing methods to new decorative articles. Murals, tableware and handmade tiles in the marts.



I will be writing daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my post for day 16



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