I wish I were a Star Fairy


As we all know that the Fairies had different costumes and personalities.

Have a shining glimpse with sparkle all around!


I wish Iwere a princess Fairy who lives up in the clouds in Castle Star. I had a fully moveable arms and legs with a twist waist. The legs were bendable. I had a magical ears and beautiful face. I had a charming eyes. I wore a pale pink gown, golden crown and had pale pink wings. I had dark black hair with brown eyes.


As a fairy had a special  wings  came with a special star wand. I had a lovely rainbow in my wings. My Magical Unicorn was a unicorn with a silky white hair tail and a pearly spiral horn. The coach was a pale pink with a lavender interior and wheels  was highlighted with golden accents.

There was a Castle Star for lived and played. The castle had a white stairway with two doors in the clouds. There was a special cloud  chamber and a throne for myself as move to the interior.


There was a Star Jewel Box. This was a pink box as opened had a chair for myself  to sit in and look in the vanity mirror. There were drawers for accessories could be kept.


BlogTogether Blogbetter!

I will be writing  for the #Blogchatter #Dailychatter #TheMagicalPot and this is my 1st post


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