How a child achieve success in a competition?


When a child in a competition

  1. Competiton has many values. It is the competitive spirit to participate in the activities.
  2. When a child has a strong desire of winning but fails in his efforts and takes his failures seriously.
  3. For instance, a child will go on learning after he has no interest left  for winning a competition. Competition is a set standard before a child. A child tries to reach it.

How a child overcome competition?


  1. Competition promotes co-operative spirit.
  2. A child learns this lesson adequately while participating in competition.
  3. Every chid is assigned activities that are in keeping with his abilities. This may not develops wrong attitudes in a child.
  4. Children should not be put in such competition situation where they are bound to fail.
  5. Elders should encourage childrens to appreciate the value of real reward instead of artificiality of rewards.


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