#FlashbackRefreshed by Humaira


Do you have any blog resolutions you’re making ?


Of course, I share some of the resolutions !

I’m desires to get more organized and  to grab these planners.


Resolution has desires,hope and dreams. We make resolution every year to be fulfilled.Some comes true and some are not. But this doesn’t meant that you can’t achieved it. I can say ” Try and try until you get succeed” for that moment.


I started writing blog post for the blogging community. I reply to all comments on my blog and blog posts to comment on each day. I replied more with others on Twitter. I usually make my blog design. It gives me fun and excitements. I design my blog every month as get a time for it.  I feel to develop a brand for my blog . I liked to do some creativity for my blog.


My blog URL has given many great conversations. As I started getting many opportunities for my blog. I don’t used many “rules” on how blogging should be done. So, there are so many opinions on how to blog successfully. I liked to write on varied themes/prompts. I take into consideration at what’s working and what isn’t working.


I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio


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