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Get The Best Smarter Shopping!

Online shopping is amazing for everything need  shoes, accessories, bags and cosmetics.Shopping online is made easier and more convenient. Experience the convenience of home shopping. This is a vibrant shopping bash.

The best brands out there!

The brands here are sizzling and offers are extremely exciting. Online shopping on everything is up for grabs.

Here, a glance of  best among shopping sites-



Flipkart assured online shopping to the quality of products buying online. It provides original and brand-new products such as Adidas, BIBA, Jack and Jones, Lee, ONLY, Levis, Puma, Timberland, UCB and many more on all popular categories such as mobile, electronics, home & furnishing, appliances, fashion and lifestyle. It is also offering very competitive offers and prices along with easy payment options. It ensures to get product at a convenient time.



Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce marketplace company. It likes to surprise its customers very often. It not only furnished footwear, clothing and accessories but also spreads smiles and goodwill. It mainly focus to the online retailing of branded apparel.



Jabong  is pretty amazing. It will make shopping absolutely worthwhile. It has brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Gini & Jony and Nike and more. Categories such as, dresses,  t-shirts,  footwear, denims, t-shirts, shirts, kidswear, handbags, home and furnishing, backpacks, beauty products, sunglasses and watches. The ladies who likes walking  will fall for the amazing shoe collection.



eBay is for buying new or used, plain or luxurious, commonplace or rare, trendy. It is to be the world’s favorite destination for great value and unique selection. It  goes to shop, sell, and give. It takes on Fashion Resale Startups with Launch of Authentication Program. eBay launched collective, a premium shopping experience for interior designers and consumers with a curated selection of designer, artisanal décor and fine art.



Amazon has vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable , a trusted and convenient. It provides  a world-class e-commerce platform. The widest selection of products that are original and available at their best online shopping prices. A range of categories like Electronics, Books, Kitchenware, Apparel, Sports, Shoes, Jewellery and more.

Absolutely great for online shoppers!

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#MagicOfWarmth Cherishable moments!

Relationships are like bank accounts. We make deposits and withdraws every moments. If we make several deposits but find nothing to withdraw. It seems like to  feel cheated. Relationships are intended to be win-win. When the relationship benefits cross their limits that relationship will likely end.

In the some years,  we wakeup in the morning every day. We also need to move forward. We utilize our knowledge for the benefit of others. These are mine words as a teacher and  always telling to others.


Let’s have a glimpse of a true story-

When I entered in the classroom according to my casual routine. The students warm welcomed with Good Morning, how are you?. I made them to take their respective seats and concetrates towards studies. I think I should take your class test for the final exam. The students mumbled that she is the real teacher of social science. As the class over,  I replied that  should leave till the next class with their Thank you greetings.

Next day, As I entered with huge strength in the class. Today is the first day of test that the students has study about it. One student replied that I’m not sure of test teacher. I asked him – Where did you last night,Huh?. Your score is not good. Do you have any troubles. Then , I asked the peon to bring some teaching resources to made him understand. Other students are worried about that student. Again in the next class, I mumbled to him that – Why didn’t you go to study? You said you wanted to be a teacher.You want to help people. He replied that In this condition can’t be help people as myself still have not survived. I haven’t got parents.Even I graduated as a teacher.No one would proud of me. I muttered that  I would be proud of him but for that you have attend class with concentration towards studies from tomorrow onwards. He excelled in his test.

We heard that people compared teacher as a worker. Actually, teachers do more than that.Teachers not only Take us to the shore.But also keeps pulling us up when we fell. Reminded to walk in the right way.

In the way towards class, I found that my mobile is broken by students. Students replied that We can give you new one. I told them that Never mind , I can managed and  don’t worry. And cultivate the chapter giving for the test. Students contributes and collected money to gift mobile. In the next class,  when I opened gift found that it was a gift hamper of parachute oil with mobile phone. All students are Cheering up!


A teacher reached to students’s mind at first memory. But memories are good or bad , depending on what we do with that person when we alive. I have been used the knowledge to treat others. Teachers treat by giving intelligence. When we saw someone we treat are better. We would be happy also. This is why I have been being  a teacher  and helper in my life.

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Enhance English skills!

There is a belief that English acquired from their traditional schooling. The complexity of long words, long sentences, difficult words are a symbol of intellect, education and enlightenment. Most educational systems teach that communication is for impressing others and not expressing oneself.

When there is unable to grasp that good written English does not have of whatever you have. Language is absolutely requires an understanding of its ideal quality.


Here, a glimpse of principles-

Short sentences is better than long.
Simple words is good.
Avoid long.
Embrace active verbs.

There are the merits of hyphens-

Hyphen is  a stylistic choice.

Hyphen used by the original questioner.


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Change your outlook towards life.

What is necessary in life?

We always think about it.

Can we thought of ,what is not necessary in life?

Let’s have a glimpse of some-

Knowledge without applied to execution is useless.

It doesn’t necessary whether personality is introvert /extrovert/ambivert.

How much hours you study is not important ?

It’s only quantity.


Understanding, retaining and execution is more necessary.

It doesn’t matter of having huge group of friends,  if you can’t share feelings with friends.




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Create a answerable culture.


An efficient communication should be standard one. We emphasis on talking things. No matter how much we talk. Talking is not enough unless hold ourself  to be answerable. To hold answerable means to have feelings and taking responsibility.

When we are accountable of our work and managing their feelings better. We should have a solutions to everyday lives. Accountability is what helps to have solutions. Lack of accountability is always threatning.

The biggest breaker is the saying one thing and doing another. It effects trust and reliability.

So, it is necessary to be answerable.


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Heart Touching Tale-Someone to Love Review


Someone to Love  is a real friendship and love adult novel by Ruchita Mishra. The novel is about the two friends- Arthav Jayakrishna and Koal Hansini Raje. Since childhood both are like friends and soulmates. In adulthood, they shares sorrow and joy of each other. Suddenly, their friendship turns into anger, hatret and move in different directions as someone comes to their life. Later, their life cross again. It’s a destiny as stranger has unite them. Both has forgive each other and together forever.


Arthav- Koal are childhood friends. Their mothers are like endless friends, happy and full of life. Since childhood, Surya was walking behind send them to school. Koal hates bhavna without logic and reason. Arthav made ID on her birthday for conversation. Their names known as Koal and crow in fun by classmates. Both spare memorable moments at school. Arthav- Koal taken admission and together in same college. Arthav has met Nili in the college. Nili mumbled to koal that arthav loved her and stay away from him. Arthav accepts Nili’s proposal in the library.  This breaks Koal- arthav friendship and separated.


The story begins as Amit- Koal has married. He cares  and emphasizes education of her. They have sweet-bitter relationship. He slaps and beaten her cruelly at a moment. She  can’t be conceived. She tolerates and divorce him. Priya supports her and died. Koal has a box of bangles to change her life. She now a senior product  manager and friends with Hema for life.  Arthav-koal met as stranger at akki’s party. Hema plans to unite them  with Surya. Arthav never celebrates Mansha’s birthday as it’s a death anniversary of Nili. He used to do surgery. Nili can’t even see or touch mansha as she has done wrong in her past. Her wrong revealed to koal by confession letter on arthav’s birthday as she presents him Walkman as he gave on her birthday. Nili confess that she lies about arthav doesn’t loves her and wants to be in arthav’s life. Koal met amit and  slaps  for spoils  her life. She receives amit’s apologize  letter.  Arthav known of amit’s  apologize letter of his wrong doing and reveales  that koal loves arthav. Koal saves injured mansha.Koal-mansha likes to spare moments with  each other. Kimberly was also in love with Arthav. She known of their friendship and love. She mumbled  arthav love is koal. Arthav- koal confess their love. Both binds in a married life . He  reads Nili’s letter. He admires  koal for not even a bad word for her. Koal asks  arthav when he says about his love. Arthav proposes her by wrote a letter that was not read by koal. Arthav, koal and Mansha have a happy life.

The book is an interesting and impressive novel. It binds reader till last. Words has a powerful impact. Love empowers and liberates in every pillars  of life.  The Novel was friends struggles throughout their life. It gives  a sturdy message. It gives a genuine vision towards life.

About the Author


Ruchita Mishra is a gold medallist from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.   She is the best selling author of Second Chance at Love, The (In) eligible Bachelors and Can This Be Love?. She was awarded the Awadh Samman in  2012.


 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’
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