Mental Health Professionals

Do you have gone through a Mental Health?


Have a glance of  the Mental Health professional –


Clinical Psychlogist-

A clinical psychologist should be PhD in psychology with both research and clinical skill specialization. Internship of a year in a psychiatric hospital or mental health centre.

Counselling Psychologist-

A counselling psychologist should be PhD in psychology and a internship in a marital or student-counselling. Such a person deals with adjustment problems not involving severe mental disorder.

School Psychologist-

A person having doctoral training in child-clinical psychology with training and experience in academic and learning problems. Many school systems lack the resources to maintain an adequate school psychology program.


A psychiatrist should be MD of three years with residency training in a psychiatrist hospital or mental health facility.


A psychoanalyst should be MD or PhD and a intensive training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.

Psychiatrist Social Worker-

A person should be MSW or PhD with specialized clinical training in mental health training in mental health.

Psychiatrist Nurse-

A Nurse having RN certification and a specialized training in the care and treatment of psychiatric clients. Nurses can attain MA and PhD in psychiatric nursing.

Occupational Therapist-

A person should be BS in occupational therapy and internship training with physically or psychologically handicapped individuals, helping them make the most of their resources.

Pastoral Counselor-

A counselor should be ministerial background and a training in psychology. Internship in mental health facility as a chaplain.


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