Let’s Explore Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing!

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It’s fabulous to share collections of great adventure travel/ experience to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. Travel Tour focuses on making that possible by enabling to implement a flexible, eco friendly tour management system. It enables to create and display several types of tours for adventure.

Here is everything you would possibly need to know to climb Kilimanjaro!

We can easily grasp the tour packages with different criteria like by location, tour departure/arrival date, tour category, price, tour agency, transport type, and much more.The best voyage is to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

What’s great at Mojhi?

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Mojhi is an online place for adventure travel activities in Africa/Asia. They work with verified local outdoor tour operators all over the globe ( east Africa) in ensuring to have best of their journey!
By Mojhi , select travel preferences and enable a near perfect adventure travel experience. Looking to climb Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro), could approach at Kilimanjaro for preferred route, group size, dates, budget/luxury options, meal preferences etc.  We can choose the best book, and saving hours of research. Isn’t great?

Recent Updates for Kilimanjaro!

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Presently, Mojhi promotes Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing. They have put together a Kilimanjaro Guide for carrying out a link-building campaign. The Guide is an elaborate informational journal that is a must read for all potential Kilimanjaro climbers. Their goal is to provide relevant and good content to all.


Are you planning for adventure trips like Kilimanjaro climbing or African safari or trekking in Nepal etc. ?

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Let’s have a glance of Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing!

Mount Kilimanjaro Overview

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Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, East Africa, right on the border with Kenya. This is a dormant volcanic mountain and standing at a daunting height of 5895 meters. It is a home to every ecological system found on earth. Kilimanjaro every year with the sole aspiration to stand on the Roof of Africa. It is the highest mountain on the African continent.  All the main routes up the mountain are walking routes. There are places on routes where is the need to be steady. To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro does planning and preparation. Planning and preparation will determine how was the whole trek, from start to finish.

Places to visit in Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro (refer Guide )

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Machame Route ( refer Guide )

To Lava Tower

Shira Route

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Lemosho Route  (refer Guide )

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 Zanzibar Beach

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While on the mountain, sleeping either under canvas or, booked in dormitories in built huts. The hotel on the night before and after the trek is booked on a B and B basis. The quality and type of accommodation give the accommodation stay in Arusha  – the base for all treks on Kilimanjaro.  Le Jacaranda is an exquisite building surrounded by mature trees in a leafy quarter of the city. Kibo Palace is smart, the swish place has changed its personality.

Best time to visit Mount Kilimanjaro

April-May and November-mid-December.

How to visit Mount Kilimanjaro

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Book  Kilimanjaro trek from trekking agency that may organize Kilimanjaro flight.The closest airport to Mt. Kilimanjaro is, yep, Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). Kilimanjaro Airport is situated half way between Arusha and Moshi. Mt. Kilimanjaro is closer to Moshi. Many trekking agencies are located and have a good number in Arusha. (Arusha is also the “safari capital” of Tanzania and the gateway to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire etc.)

Historical Background of Mount


Numerous primitive stone bowls found on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro. The man has lived on or around the mountain since at least 1000BC. The last 500 years, the mountain has at various times acted as a navigational aid for traders traveling between the interior and the coast. The mountain during the intervening two thousand five hundred years. Kilimanjaro’s first inhabitants weren’t fashioning stone bowls out of the local terrain spent much of their time hunting and gathering the local flora and fauna.


  1. Reach at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania (JRO).
  2. Arrive in Tanzania and approach to New Arusha Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.
  3. After lunch, join a walking tour (offsite) of Arusha before dinner.
  4. Begins to climb on the edge of a rain forest (elevation 5,800 ft.). and trek to the Machame ( refer Guide ) Camp (10,000 ft.) and set camp for the night.
  5. There is a spectacular sunrise balloon ride. Fly back to Arusha (weather permitting) for a farewell lunch at the lodge, and then prepare for late night international departures.
  6. Arrive country of origin.

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