#AtoZChallenge 2017 – My Travellore Theme Reveal !

Are you inquisitive or  to explore prompted by curiosity?

We are curious about the new ideas/places in the world. Travelling is not only spending money or online pictures posting but to visits / explore new and unknown places.


#AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter -My Travellore Theme Reveal !

It’s superb to share a collections of travellores/experiences!

It’s a fabulous experience to see numerous cities, countries, deserts and heritage. Human beings has discover travel. Destinations are to evolved travel. To blog on travellore can be knowledgeable to the readers.

Every aspect of travel blog is to enhance diverse collection of destination. It has a perfect adventure lore. Travel is responsive. It display quick -loading and easy to navigate the destinations. We can easily grasp the tour packages with different criteria like by location, tour departure/arrival date, tour category, price, tour agency, transport type, and many more.The best voyage is to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Depending on what sort of travel niche you’re in, we’ve sorted this collection out into 26 days travel theme #AtoZChallenge in different destination. Along with a generous array of travel-specific exploration with adventures. My TravelKit succeeds straight away with showcasing diverse places.  Travel Tour focuses on making that possible by enabling to implement a flexible, eco- friendly tour management system. It enables  to create and display several types of tours for discovering.

I hope you like the posts! Stay tuned!

Have a great days #AtoZChallenge of reading and writing!



Why festivals are celebrated ?

India is a diverse country with communities of different religion. A Festival is a special day of celebration associated with a respective religion/nation. Festivals are celebrated every year. Every festival has its own importance. They have their own goodwill. There are religious and national festivals. Festivals are celebrated with great zeal and harmony maintained in the surroundings.

Festivals are not only celebration but to have varied rituals and beliefs. Every festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and religious fervor. Every festival celebration of India has its own significance with varied rituals and prayers. The Indians celebrate various festivals such as Durga Puja, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan,  Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Zuha,Muharram,Christmas, Guru Nanak’s birth day, Buddha Purnima, Mahavir Jayanati and many more.Festivals promotes national integration in the country.

Festivals has a social and cultural importance celebrated  by Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains or Sikhs. These festivals promotes unity in diversity. They creates a sense of cultural unity/ brotherhood. They propagate truth and purity among people.  People gives blessings and gifts to each other to celebrate festivals together.

Festivals enhanced lives with our families and society. These gives legends, awareness, traditions to facilitates frrom one generation to another. They promotes the rich cultural heritage of the people. They brings prosperity and positivity among the people. They have their own unique glory.


Emphasis on religion and traditions.

Contributes harmony.

Preserving our culture and heritage.

Cultural views and celebrations.

Gathering and sparing time with family members and community.

Increased Happiness.

Promotes unity among people.

Special Dishes being prepared.


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#ColgateMagicalStories A Spacecraft on Gonebay

Education  played a vital role in life. It is fun and challenging also. Kids learn while playing word games or any creative and interesting activities. These activities help tiny toddlers and pre-schoolers practise their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It is a play based learning.


A child is like a butterfly. Kids are different, special and beautiful.

There are varied stories. Every story has its own uniqueness. It’s an immense pleasure  to share a tale for  the new Colgate space adventure packs. I received three Family packs of Colgate . I got the varied characters and space ships from the pack and assemble it together. I assembled  the characters to create a story with lots of fun.

BlogAdda alongwith Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited contribute favourable progress for kids to learn while playing with their newly launched the “Magical Space Adventure” specially for kids. I received an oppourtunity from BlogAdda to compiled ColgateMagicalStories with my little and cute sister to create a discovery for a Magical World to know and play together with excitement and enthusiasm.

My little and cute sister Aiman cut it down with my help and we assembled the characters together.

Here’s the story begins!

She tells the ColgateMagicalStories as


                 A Spacecraft on Gonebay     

There was great excitement on the planet of Earth this week. For the first time geologist and space scientists managed to land on spacecraft on the planet Earth and it has been sending back signals as well as images ever since. The spacecraft was directed into an area known as Gonebay named after the great Venusian Professor Gonebay, who first discovered it with his telescope. With awesome atmospheric conditions and extremely strong signals, Venusian scientists were able to get valuable information on the feasibility of a manned spaceship’s landing on Earth.


We have come to the conclusion based on previous week’s landing that the Earth’s atmosphere is pleasant and anyone could possibly breathe this air and survive. The images indicate some movement and possibly there are millions of beings. They are living and able to land there easily and efficiently.


The Adventure Of Life Is To Play And Learn!

Our story  A Spacecraft on Gonebay  compiled by my little sister and penned with my support. I think you liked and grasp a valuable lesson from it and share this story with your adorable  kids.


“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


Women’s Day  is celebrated  on 8th March every year in India. It is an acknowledging  day of respect, achievement and gratitude  towards women. Women resemblance as  mothers, wives, daughters and so on received  greeting cards and gifts on this  special day. There is a national holiday in many countries.

Women’s Day is a special event to give respect to whole women fraternity.  Women are the mainstream of the society. They also has a great role in the economic, political, and social activities. There is a social gathering on this auspicious day.

Women is like a beautiful creation of the God!

Sentiments are expressed towards women. Proverbs and poems are composed to admired women. Women  are glorified to a level of being honored, awarded, and acknowledged. Their contributions towards life ,society, family, work, her strength and sacrifice. They are equally responsible for all  a woman has to face.  We can encourage the ladies , sisters, and wives to  excel in their life and career.

This special day is really awesome!

Encouraging  women achieve the best, appreciating the efforts and helping a woman at home. A woman should believe in herself and increase her self-confidence through some important decisions and  feel safe.

I would like to gratitude acknowledge my mother, my dad, my brother and sister. Their role in supporting me, developing my confidence. Women are still be able to stand and face life courageously with enthusiasm and a smile.

Women are forward to be strong, independent women. Develop a  great self -esteem and believing in ones self.

That’s all  for  this auspicious and  special event / day- WOMEN’S DAY!


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Is Envy An Emotion?

Envy is the  feeling that a person possesses and enjoys something desirable.Happiness in one person can offend when another experiences the happiness as goodness of life that is being withheld from them. Envy is the enemy of happiness. It is what others have is more likely to sabotage happiness than to help you build a better life. It can be without  even realizing what’s going on.

Envy is more or less than desire. It is a natural feeling. It is present in a variety of expressions. It is associated to putting anyone down and  is trying to make anyone look bad or embarrass them. When anyone continues to be envious then it  makes them worse instead of better. Everyone has their own individual and live their life accordingly. We should keep in mind that no one  is perfect. Everyone has their own strengths and flaws.
Envy is a complex emotion. It occurs as  lack a desired attribute enjoyed by another. It is a reaction to lacking something.  Jealousy occurs as something we already possess is threatened by another person. It is a reaction to the threat of losing something. But envy and jealousy are not the same emotions.
As Marilyn Monroe said –

Success makes people hate you,
It wasn’t that way,

It would be wonderful to have success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.


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What Family Is To You?


Family is important in every society.  It is the main foundation and structure of society. A man and woman marry to form a family. A strong, stable family unit is worthwhile. it’s necessary for maintaining a prosperous society. The society to function effectively  is directly influenced by the strength and quality of family unit. The root of the family is a strong marriage. The marital bond  has a far-reaching effects on society.

We love our family and want to spend as much time with them as possible but we love our career also. Work and family is set up to everyone’s responsibilities. They all know what daily activities they need to accomplished. Creative ways could be implemented to sort out and  can turn potentially negative circumstances into fun filled family .

Develop hobbies that our family loves to do together.  A happy family as the one with siblings are loyal to one another. A happy family has love that prevails to makes all family members to be united. Family get-together helps family members to know one another. Grandparents will also spares moments with their children and grandchildren. School children will interact with one another as they attend a family get-together. When all family members meet and sharing a meal that the family bond is strengthened. Each family member’s get-together will have created a memory to be cherished forever.

Discipline as a way of guiding children how to meet their needs.  It can help to keep calm in the situation. This direction is both more positive and more constructive. A family  for each other through the hard times as well as the good times. Children  wants to spare time with their parents.It can be  fun to make time for a game or to the park as well as being  that you and your children will  fond of.

Happy Family Is To-

Help Each Other.

Be Thankful.

Know You Are Loved.

Try New Ideas.

Be Happy.

Show Compassion.

Be Grateful.

Dream Big.

Respect Each Other.

Laugh Together.

Listen And Trust Each Other.

Be Celebrate Really Awesome.

Be Encouraged.

Shared Feelings.



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What I like to do?



What are your favorites about Valentine’s Day? I would LOVE to hear all about it.

Love is an emotions known to human beings. There are varied love. The ability to have a loving  is not innate. A stable relationship reliably  needs care, protection and social contact. Those relationships are not destiny.They appears as patterns of relating to others.


There is a lot of things that I liked in my life. It’s really interesting and amazing to reconcile to what you loved. There are many more things I liked to do. This valentine week when I was trying to figure out what to do on valentine. it was exactly valentine flavor all around us to see how many of  favorite things could be packed into one day.

Here’s a glance of favourites –

Be complimented  for my ideas.

Buy varied articles.

Design articles.

Varied Foodie.



Do what you love to do and give it your very best. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you can’t give it your best, get out of it.
My parents always told me, “Do what you love because that is what you will do well in.’ They told me to make sure that you are happy”.


Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves.